Your computer, your phone, your TV, and the networks they rely upon are common for most of us. All of these are daily experiences for you and their technology advances steadily. To get the most out of your devices for home or business, you need to understand which is best for you and how it functions.

Now that your devices are up and running, you will be using software applications or, "apps" as they are commonly referred to. Which apps are right for you? Do you get the most out of the ones we all use, such as Microsoft Office? How about something new- maybe you have always wanted to learn Photoshop or other graphics packages. Get trained by seasoned experts in a fantastic lounge atmosphere. Relax and learn!

So much focus has been placed on the natural environment around us and what impact we have. That awareness has brought us to look closely at our homes and businesses and what we can do to be most responsible when choosing technology and how to recycle or reuse whatever we can. We can show you how to make a difference. 

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