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Updated: 1 hour 3 min ago

Someone is attacking Apple buses outside of San Francisco

1 hour 30 min ago

The commute for thousands of Apple employees just got a whole lot longer. 

The tech giant runs shuttle buses full of employees from San Francisco to its headquarters in Cupertino every day, and, according to a source inside the company, someone is attacking those buses — and breaking windows. 

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On an internal Apple email thread viewed by Mashable, one Apple employee speculated that the culprit may be firing "rubber rounds" at the buses. At least one of the buses only had the outer pane of its double-paned windows broken.  Read more...

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Ellen Pompeo's ultra-candid chat about equal pay is worth reading — even if you aren't a 'Grey's Anatomy' fan

1 hour 33 min ago

Most actors don't like to discuss what they get paid for any given project, but Ellen Pompeo isn't afraid to flaunt the fact that she's finally getting what she deserves after so many years of kicking ass on TV.

In a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, long-time Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo opened up about her 14-year tenure on one of the most successful primetime dramas on television, her fight to get paid as much as a star should get paid, and female empowerment.

Pompeo signed on for two more seasons of Grey's Anatomy in her role of Meredith Grey, and with that deal she became the highest-paid actress on a primetime drama series, with a contract earning her about $20 million a year. But it took her a long time to not only work up the courage to ask for that kind of compensation but to reach an agreement on it. Read more...

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Nordstrom, Target, Wayfair, and others are having massive kitchen, bath, and bedding sales

1 hour 41 min ago

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Semi-annual White Sales are in full swing. Just like November is known for Black Friday and its sales on holiday gifts, electronics, and more, January is known for its sales on bedding, towels, kitchen appliances, and other home items. New year, new me, new home decor is the mantra now.

Image: giphy

Some of your favorite retailers like Nordstrom, Target, Wayfair, and Urban Outfitters are getting in on the action and giving you the discounted fluffiness of your dreams, so treat yourself or get a head start on Valentine's Day gifts. But hurry — some of these deals expire soon. Read more...

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This affordable speaker could very well be an audiophile's dream gadget

2 hours 9 min ago

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In 2018, just about everyone has a Bluetooth speaker – and for good reason. Whether you're leading a critical conference call at work or jamming out to your favorite band in the comfort of your own home, a good speaker is crucial for clear, uninhibited sound. 

Taking the standard speaker to new heights is the HiFi MC Micro Portable Music System. Not only is it an audiophile's dream gadget, but it's also currently on sale. Read more...

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Yelp reviewers are spamming Trump hotels with "shithole" reviews

2 hours 24 min ago

Since The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump allegedly asked lawmakers, "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" during a White House discussion on America's immigration deal, the president has been getting dragged.

Trump's offensive words struck a chord with people from El Salvador, Haiti, and countries in Africa, along with many others, and unfortunately for him, some of those disappointed people have Yelp accounts.

Now, angry Yelp users are flooding the comments of Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., with one-star reviews, labelling Trump's establishment a — wait for it — "shithole." Read more...

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Instagram is testing another killer feature that could crush Snapchat even more

2 hours 24 min ago

Instagram is not slowing down in 2018.

After Instagram crushed Snapchat — seriously, pounded the app into the ground — last year with its own disappearing Stories feature, the Facebook-owned app is now secretly testing a new "Type" feature that'll let users share text-based clips instead of photos or videos.

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The Next Web first spotted the feature back in December when it rolled out to a select group of private users in Japan, and now it appears Instagram is testing it on some users in Europe as well.

Mashable reached out Instagram and received the following statement from a company spokesperson: Read more...

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Set your email free with Mailbird, an organizational app that can change the way you work

2 hours 31 min ago

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It’s hard to keep your email organized. You’re always juggling multiple windows and screens and secretly hoping that your boss won’t notice that you haven’t responded to her last 14 emails. There are too many tasks associated with email, and your existing email program isn’t cutting it. You need to update your workflow with a new application like Mailbird.

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Will Smith's trip to the zoo will give you life

2 hours 44 min ago

Will Smith continues to be the audacious king of Instagram and there doesn't seem to be any sign of him stopping soon. 

The Bright actor is in Australia promoting the new, controversial Netflix film and took some time from interviews to stop by the zoo and graciously show us all around. 

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"Welcome to Will Smith's first episode of 'When Dumb People Get Bit,'" he began, starting where one does when at the zoo: feeding time with the crocodiles. 

A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on Jan 16, 2018 at 6:47pm PST

Next, he visited the wombats and changed traditional family structures as we know it.  Read more...

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Amazon is having a great sale on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops today

2 hours 46 min ago

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 laptops are on sale today on Amazon so you don't have to drop a ton of cash to get a new computer. 

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These 12-inch touchpad computers feature detachable keyboards for tablet functionality and even come with Active Pen styluses for all of you artists out there. Every laptop available features different amounts of space, computing power, and features, so shop around to see which one best suits your needs. Read more...

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This add-on Android device can help you see into walls

2 hours 53 min ago

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Walabot DIY lets you see through walls using your phone so you can prevent home improvement mishaps. Read more...

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Use your neighbors' cameras to monitor your home

3 hours 7 min ago

Ever wanted to keep an eye on your home without actually keeping an eye on your home? With Streetsy app, the whole neighborhood can. While it seems a little invasive, you can opt in and out of which camera you give your neighbors access to. Read more...

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Adam Stern is a freediver, he can swim up to 300 feet underwater on a single breath

3 hours 12 min ago

Stern's deepest dive was 106 meters on a single breath. Now he's training to become the deepest freediver in the world. 

In the meantime, he spends his underwater days exploring the hidden treasures of the ocean. Read more...

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5 social media skills you need to get ahead (and where to learn them)

3 hours 14 min ago

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In 2018, social media is life. But is it also your career? It can be. With everyone and their mom using social media, it's no surprise that careers in the space are on the rise. But a "career in social media" can mean many things. 

There are Social Media Coordinators that build brand awareness for companies while handling the occasional crazy customer freakout. There are Marketing Managers that fuel customer acquisition and retention for brands. And there are Social Media Celebs (i.e., your teenage YouTube millionaire). Let's go ahead and rule out the latter, and note that this article will not explore how to become the next Cardi B. Read more...

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Ann Curry 'not surprised' by Matt Lauer's sexual misconduct allegations

3 hours 37 min ago

Ann Curry spoke up about the allegations of sexual harassment made against Matt Lauer, saying she was "not surprised" by the accusations and noting that the sexual misconduct reckoning at large is "overdue."

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Curry participated in her first television interview since her departure from NBC in 2015 with CBS This Morning on Wednesday, where she was asked about her thoughts on allegations made against Lauer, her departure from NBC News, and the reckoning of powerful men happening across the entertainment industry and beyond.

When asked whether she thought Lauer abused his power, Curry said, "I am not surprised by the allegations," adding that she would be surprised if someone did not see the pervasive verbal sexual harassment at NBC News.  Read more...

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National Park Service advisory board members resign in protest

3 hours 49 min ago

Nearly all the members of the U.S. National Park Service advisory board announced their sudden resignations on Monday night, in protest of what they say has been a lack of engagement by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke during the past year. In a resignation letter, the members said Zinke refused to meet with the panel, which is legally required to provide input to the department regarding how to take care of America's most treasured landscapes.

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Former Alaska Gov. and advisory board member Tony Knowles turned in the letter of resignation for himself and eight others, citing "a profound concern that the mission of stewardship, protection, and advancement of our National Parks has been set aside." Read more...

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Get a lightweight hiking backpack for $16

3 hours 51 min ago

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Whether you're taking a hike up a mountain or just trudging through your morning commute, the Venture Pal Backpack can help you hold on to everything you need.

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This travel backpack is supposedly made with tear- and water-resistant material to weather the elements while still staying lightweight. It can hold up to 35 liters and has plenty of pockets to help you keep things organized. The padded straps are also useful for relieving some of the stress on your shoulders and easing the weight. Aside from the purple pictured here, the backpack also comes in black, grey, blue, green, orange, red, and more. Read more...

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Cycle ball is the weirdest sport you've probably never heard of

3 hours 58 min ago

Cycle ball is a unique medley between soccer and cycling. The odd sport has been around for over a hundred years, yet is not really well known internationally. But it definitely looks like fun. Read more...

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Susan Sarandon heads jury for the world's biggest short film festival

3 hours 59 min ago

Academy Award winner and five-time Emmy nominee Susan Sarandon will head the jury for the self-proclaimed largest short film festival in the world.

Australia's Tropfest announced on Wednesday that Sarandon would be judging the event, set for Feb. 17 in Sydney's Parramatta Park. 

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Fresh off a Golden Globe nomination for Feud, Sarandon will join past jurors such as Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Billy Crudup, and George Miller — who heads the Tropfest Advisory Board.

“I love Australia and am extremely excited to be coming to Sydney in February for Tropfest,” said Sarandon in a press statement.  Read more...

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Clever YouTuber plays the Cantina theme from 'Star Wars' by solving a Rubik's Cube

4 hours 4 min ago

Whether you asked for it or not, music made with nonmusical things has become a revolution.

YouTuber The Cubican is the latest to join, also recreating the "Cantina Theme" from Star Wars but this time with the solving of a Rubik's cube.

The only way I solve a Rubik's cube is by peeling off the stickers and putting them back so the Rubik's cube looks done, so it's safe to say I'm amazed.

I hope your Rubik's cube abilities take you far in life, Sir Cubican. Read more...

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Beautiful Australian Shepherd is high as a kite and doesn't care about anything

4 hours 8 min ago

Just imagine Air Bud meets Pineapple Express. That's the current life of this Australian Shepherd. 

Hank the Aussie Tanks had an eventful Sunday. Though we don't exactly know why, Hank's owner said that the poor pup was home from the vet with morphine in his system. It made for a very amused owner and a very high dog. 

The pain medication left the blue-eyed dog with no sense of his surroundings and not a care in the world. 

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Vet gave me morphine and turned me into a White Walker for the day #GoT #LazySunday #MorphineDrip

A post shared by Hank The Tank (@hanktheaussietank) on Jan 15, 2018 at 10:01pm PST Read more...

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