I Lost all of my Photos

By Bill DelGrosso / On Jul.17.2013 / In / Width 0 Comments

In every disaster I have ever responded to from here to the Pacific islands, I have heard that phrase from disaster survivors I've spoken with.

We live in a visual world, and those photos are the memories of everything in our lives.

I have albums and hard drives with terabytes of the visual chronicle of my life. Visualize where those precious items are in your home and how much you would miss them if any incident destroyed them. Now imagine that those photos are your critical data that you need to run your home and your business. Pre-digital camera, almost everyone on the planet, or a minimum most Americans had a Kodak product; either a camera, or a prized photo processed on Kodak film. Some probably still do. Now you have prized photos on your mobile phone, tablet, camera, music player, as well as saved to your computer hard drive. Likewise- some of that critical data exists somewhere and it needs to be backed up regularly and in at least three places.

The peak of the hurricane season is approaching, and a client of mine on the Eastern Seaboard is still breathing a sigh of relief that none of their people or facilities were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. They hired me to redevelop their continuity plans for when a hurricane does interrupt their mission essential functions.

Are you, your home, and your business ready?

I recommend you start with your pictures and your data before the peak of the season hits. For both nostalgia and preservation, get those negatives and Kodachromes out of the drawer, digitalize them and get them backed up. Also, the data you will need to recover your home and business cataloged, and backed up. The chronicle of your life will be intact, and you will have what you need to recover from the changes forced on you by a disaster.
Have fun with this process and contact Page Integrity about hosting a digital photo party for your family and neighborhood at a place I can call home -- The Learning Lounge (great for Tri-State area residents).
You will leave feeling nostalgic and safeguarded with a secure digital storage device with those digitized, an online off-site source and a tiertiary backup you can discuss with the learning partners to best suit your backup needs. - The Tri-Backup Effect.

There is always time to protect what you love.