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I am a wife, daughter, daughter-in-love, sister, aunt, friend, technologist, passionate business-owner and overall enthusiast for how learning enriches our lives.  Oh, how can I forget – a die-hard New Yorker.

While wearing many hats in every area of our lives is routine, it is how we integrate those areas or experiences that can make all the difference in achieving a more enriched life.  Sound deep?  As you start to read some of my experiences, it will become evident that sometimes I get ahead of myself but I am after all passionate, right?   Here is a little background about how I began my evolution toward a more enriched life…

Determination because of Adversity

From an early age, I had adversity.  I know many of you are thinking, so does everyone else I know!  Well, in my case the odds were truly not in my favor.  After needing a life saving procedure at 2 days old, my capacity for determination increased tenfold.  Growing up with early medical challenges inherently created a need to both “be like the other kids” as well as stand out from the crowd.  Either way it ended up, incorporating an ability to overcome that adversity seemed to become part of who I was becoming as a person. 

It followed me through High School where my career path was born.   After having a Commodore 64 and Apple IIe computer, I enjoyed the challenge and fun of working with technology.  I was told that only a handful of students would be chosen to take a “Basic Programming” class, guess what?  I wasn’t one of them.  Luck or destiny?  I consider it a stroke of genius really.  It was only a matter of time before I had the professor teaching me after school privately; an experience that integrated into my life as a technologist and becoming a business owner, for sure.

Working almost full-time (in my field of study and profession) through college provided another integrated learning experience.   It taught me some of the following (and so much more):

  1. How to apply what you learn in higher education and hone your craft or skill
  2. How to take responsibility and be accountable
  3. How to work as an individual and as a team
  4. How to learn from failure
  5. How to develop personal presence
  6. How to learn professional and corporate etiquette

I learned so much about my own technical ability, business acumen and aptitude, as well as life in general.  In addition to traveling around to different parts of the world, these are three examples of why I am who I am today.

I am guessing by now you are either intrigued or bored but either way…you have read this far so something must have been interesting?! 

And the first Page was turned..

I will leave you with how I arrived with my business, Page Integrity, Inc. and the creation of The Learning Lounge.  

With over 17 years diverse industry experience in Technology and Business prior to starting Page Integrity, both in business management positions as well as technical lead roles, it was time to move forward with my own consultancy service business.  With prior experience as a consultant in my 20’s and this accumulated acumen and leadership, entrepreneurship was the next step in my evolution. 

8 years and going strong with Page Integrity, Inc, a Technology and Business Services company focusing on the needs of small and non-profit businesses as well as people like you and me.  By building solid relationships and providing expertise and industry knowledge and training, we are able to deliver innovative solutions, business growth strategies and solid results. 

Training..Ah Training.  Training is Learning…Learning is Fundamental.  Are we back to where we started?  The Learning Lounge is that place.  A comfortable, creative, non-traditional space in which to learn a variety of essential, helpful, enlightening or just plain fun things.   Digital Learning opportunities are partially on-line and more will be shortly..for now, please feel free to call us and come on in to learn from the best and lounge the way you like….

For starters, I will be sharing and paying it forward with this blog, so you can take what you want, need or desire and leave the rest…Look forward to your comments, suggestions and plain cool contributions!   Keep turning the Page.. (or clicking on the hyperlink!)

Your learning partner,


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