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Kudos to Boston's most important responders: Bostonians

The people of Boston are to be congratulated for being the critical partner in responding to a disaster and apprehending a terrorist who killed 4 and injured nearly 200 of their neighbors and guests.

3 Values Your Business Continuity Plan Should Have

Your business lives with risk every day from competitors, cash flow, and changing technology. If you work somewhere where there is weather, rely on utilities in your workplace, or need clean water to run your business, then you need to integrate business continuity planning (BCP) into your business operations. Effective BCP prepares you to meet the challenges that disruptive incidents can have on your bottom line and require you to develop that expertise or hire it.

Digital Privacy: A Catch 22

Mobility, convenience, accessibility and real-time access all have a price.

So I have been thinking for a while about digital privacy and how it permeates our everyday lives.  I attended a Social Media and Response Management Incident Event recently and it brought back the thoughts of why I am sure it can be a catch-22 or even as far as to say, an Oxymoron.

Turn the digital page with Cathy Page

I am a wife, daughter, daughter-in-love, sister, aunt, friend, technologist, passionate business-owner and overall enthusiast for how learning enriches our lives.  Oh, how can I forget – a die-hard New Yorker.

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