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Updated: 1 hour 31 min ago

This perfect Netflix marriage proposal just redefined relationship goals

1 hour 37 min ago

Nowadays it's the couples who Netflix together that stay together, so a young man named Conor took it to the next level with a Netflix proposal.

Conor's girlfriend Kamela loves Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, so he got stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant to record a little message and set up the proposal while Kamela watched.

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Kamela and Conor enter a room where they think they're watching Santa Clarita Diet for a reality show. Instead of an episode, what comes up on screen is Barrymore and Olyphant in character as the Hammonds, discussing marriage. They get interrupted by a voice off-screen which turns out to be Conor, and he squeezes into the frame to ask Kamela a question. Read more...

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Sophia the robot has a—kinda creepy—holiday message

1 hour 39 min ago

Sophia the humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics has a holiday message for fans. Read more...

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Pope Francis celebrated his birthday with a gigantic pizza party

1 hour 41 min ago

Everyone knows cake is the standard food to have on birthdays, but if you're the leader of the Catholic faith, you can do what you want.

We can all learn something from Pope Francis who celebrated his 81st birthday yesterday in Vatican City with a 13-foot long pizza. It doesn't matter who you are or how old you get—pizza is delicious, so why not go all out?

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The pizza even had candles in it for him to blow out. 

Me: I need to focus on eating healthier as a way of strengthening myself spiritually as well as physically

Pope Francis, on his 81st birthday: I would liiiiiiiiiiiiiike a 13 foot pizza!!!

— Tommy Tighe (@theghissilent) December 18, 2017

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Give your next party the light show it deserves with this Bluetooth speaker

1 hour 43 min ago

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You can make any house party into a mini-rave with this light-up Bluetooth speaker for 22% off. 

This speaker will react to your music by lighting up in sync with the beat. You can even change the color settings to flash your favorite shades or switch up the pattern. 

Image: ThinkGeek

Image: Thinkgeek

It can connect with Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet away, but it also has aux cable functionality so you can just plug and play.

The Light-Up EQ Bluetooth Speaker typically costs $50, but you can get one now for only $39. Read more...

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This Twitter contest to crown the best Christmas song ended exactly as it should have

2 hours 3 min ago

'Tis the season for arguing about Christmas songs.

Some people like them, some people hate them, but pretty much everyone has an opinion about them.

And if there's one place that's absolutely perfect for thrashing out never-ending arguments, it's Twitter.

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On Thursday, British TV presenter Richard Osman kicked off the latest in his ongoing series of poll-based Twitter competitions: The "World Cup of Christmas Songs 2017". Basically it's a knockout game in which a bunch of songs are arranged into groups, people vote for their favourite, and then the lowest-voted tracks are gradually whittled down until a winner is crowned. Read more...

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There's only one place you can still get Airpods in time for the holidays

2 hours 11 min ago

If you're a last-minute holiday shopper, you might be in trouble. 

Apple's Airpods, are in high demand as Christmas approaches. But as of today, most retailers are either sold out of the items or unable to ship them until after Christmas, AppleInsider reports. 

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Many retailers are warning that your Airpods order won't arrive until after the holidays. Devices ordered directly from Apple can't be picked up or delivered until Jan. 5, while Best Buy quotes Jan. 4, and Verizon Dec. 29. Target, Walmart, Sprint, and Kohl's all appear to be out of stock. No third-party sellers on Amazon are shipping before Dec. 27.  Read more...

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This Instagram-famous dog will put you in the Christmas spirit

2 hours 29 min ago

'Regandoodle' might just be the cutest dog on the internet, and he's advocating for a good cause. Read more...

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Nio launches the Tesla Model X of China for half the price

2 hours 34 min ago

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Chinese electric car startup Nio has launched its first vehicle, the ES8. It's an all-electric, modern SUV that's a direct competitor to Tesla's Model X — and it costs half as much.

The price for the ES8 starts at 448,000 yuan ($67,697) in China, while the Model X starts at 836,000 yuan ($126,328). 

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Despite being much cheaper than its U.S.-based rival, the Nio ES8 sounds like it can hold its own against the Model X. It's a large, all-wheel drive seven seater that accelerates to from 0 to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds. The only downside is it's only available in China. Read more...

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Grow veggies all year long with this smart indoor garden that's on sale

2 hours 36 min ago

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Cooking with freshly-grown veggies and herbs that you grew yourself is one of life's simple pleasures. The AeroGarden Bounty Elite could help you get started on that green thumb, no matter what the weather's doing outside.

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The stainless steel mini-garden can grow up to nine plant pods at once and doesn't use any soil. The LED light system is designed to maximize photosynthesis so that your plants can grown in days, according to the product page. The touch screen control panel also keeps you notified on when to water your plants and controls the lighting automatically. Read more...

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'The Punisher' boss talks Season 2 plans and Frank's surprising journey

2 hours 40 min ago

The Punisher was an unexpected addition to Marvel and Netflix's superhero roster, which was initially designed to spotlight Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, before bringing the "street-level" heroes together for The Defenders

But the gun-toting antihero made such a splash in Season 2 of Daredevil, thanks to Jon Bernthal's layered performance, it seemed like a no-brainer to spin Frank Castle off into his own series, which was recently renewed for Season 2

Mashable spoke to showrunner Steve Lightfoot — who previously worked on Hannibal and Narcos — about bringing Marvel's darkest hero to the small screen for Netflix. Read more...

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K-pop boy band star Jonghyun dies at age 27

2 hours 42 min ago

Kim Jong-hyun, frontrunner of K-pop boy band SHINee, died on Monday, according to South Korean media reports. His death is believed to be a suicide.

The 27-year-old, known as Jonghyun, was reportedly found unconscious at an apartment in southern Seoul, per Yonhap News. According to Yonhap News' report, Jong-hyun experienced cardiac arrest and was transported to a hospital but never regained consciousness.

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Though the cause of death is still unclear, investigators reportedly discovered burnt coal in a frying pan upon entering the apartment and suspect Jonghyun died from inhaling toxic fumes. Read more...

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Jaden Smith channels his inner Michael Jackson and does the greatest moonwalk of the 21st century

2 hours 45 min ago

Jaden Smith is sliding his way into 2018 with a bang. 

The 19 year old was performing at the 2017 Rolling Loud festival in San Bernadino over the weekend, where he shocked the crowd with a killer moonwalk. He was playing his single "Icon" from his album SYRE and rapping the words "Gold grills and you dance like Michael" before sliding his feet smoothly across the stage.

What kind of wizardry is this Jaden Smith? 

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I AM JUST AN ICON LIVING.@officialjaden

🎥: @RevoltTV

— Rolling Loud (@RollingLoud) December 17, 2017

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Europe's steepest railway line uses a rotating cabin system to always keep passengers upright

2 hours 54 min ago

Stoos, a car-free Alpine resort in Switzerland, has just launched a new funicular line which is the steepest in Europe. Its four cylindrical cabins feature an inclination adjustment system making sure that the passengers remain upright throughout the whole trip. Read more...

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Late night walks with your dog just got a lot more safe

2 hours 57 min ago

'Nitey Leash' is an illuminated pet leash that is visible from 1/4 miles away in the dark. It's optimal for safely walking dogs at night, especially in places with a lot of traffic. Read more...

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This anti-odor suit might be the only one you'll ever need

3 hours 5 sec ago

Ultra Suit is a high-tech formal outfit. Which will protect you from almost any disaster and keep you smelling fresh. Read more...

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Eminem on Trump: 'He's got people brainwashed'

3 hours 1 min ago

Donald Trump has a way of getting under people's skin, especially celebrities, as we've seen since the 2016 election. 

Eminem spoke to Vulture about his feelings on Trump, tied to the release of his highly political album Revival.

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"He makes my blood boil," Eminem said of Trump. "I can’t even watch the news anymore because it makes me too stressed out. All jokes aside, all punch lines aside, I’m trying to get a message out there about him. I want our country to be great too, I want it to be the best it can be, but it’s not going to be that with him in charge." Read more...

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This suitcase doubles as a closet

3 hours 1 min ago

Every editorial product is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our journalism.

'Shelfpack' is a suitcase with built-in shelves. Unzip the luggage, pull up the expandable shelves and hook it onto the supports. It organizes clothes and easily collapses back into the base.  Read more...

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Twitter Nazi purge removes far-right British leader that Trump retweeted

3 hours 24 min ago

The Twitter purge has just begun and it looks like one of the first high-profile accounts to be wiped from the social media platform is that of Jayda Fransen, the controversial Britain First leader who President Donald Trump retweeted a few weeks ago.

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On Monday morning, the anti-hate group Resisting Hate noted that the Twitter accounts of Fransen, Britain First, and Paul Golding, another Britain First leader, had been suspended as part of Twitter's new rules regarding behavior. 

We can confirm @GoldingBF @JaydaBF @BritainFirstHQ are now all down#Twitterpurge

— Resisting Hate (@ResistingHate) December 18, 2017

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Facebook will begin demoting 'engagement bait' in your News Feed

3 hours 48 min ago

Facebook wants publishers to stop begging for likes.

The social network is taking action against so-called "engagement bait," where publishers ask users to vote, like, or share a post in the hopes of bumping it to the top of people's News Feed. 

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The posts aren't banned exactly, but Facebook will now demote those posts in the News Feed. Facebook Pages that repeatedly use these tactics will potentially get all of their posts demoted, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. 

Examples of "engagement baiting"

Image: facebook

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